About us

Through our divisional partnership with Getmemorabilia (getmb.co.za), we supply the same 100% Authentic Hand Signed Investments by Celebrities and teams giving you as the investor peace of mind knowing that the item you bid on is of the highest quality. Every item is accompanied by the correct documentation as well as extra documentation needed to insure the items at the correct values with online documentation protection thus protecting you as the investor, knowing the value you are getting.

All the items have an international demand which means when or if you need to sell your investment the market is on a much larger scale and not limited to a specific country.

We also have a partnership with Getitframed.co.za who are bespoke framers with an eye for detail and a charisma of ideas helping you decide on the best options for any type of framing you might require, our specialist framers are always there to assist you with every decision from layout, to frame type to what extras to add to ensure your memorabilia, holiday items or anything else you could possibly think of captures your surroundings and vision to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The great thing too is we can come to your office or home to assist, on the spot quotes and choices are completed before we even leave.

Charity and Fundraising:

We have already assisted a number of charities and/or fundraising events by supplying consignment stock for Auctions.

We are also able to set up your branded fundraiser specific bidding site customised for your event thus assisting in extending your fundraiser pre or post or both giving you more presence in this ever changing world that we are in. With our current economic challenges faced we can assist you to run online fundraiser’s due to social distancing and large gathering restrictions.

For more information on this please email us at info@getbidding.co.za

Enjoy Bidding/buying and investing.